SKU Management

Comprehensive product database to SKU level including its pricing and flexible mapping to specific sales channels and receive real-time sales & stock update from field

Why using our SKU Management?​

Here are some reasons to convince you


Effortlessly update SKU data with our user-friendly tools, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information



Adaptive to field-driven price changes to keep sales & stock data reliability



Keep a pulse on your sales performance and stock with real-time data, allowing you to respond swiftly to market demands


Product Catalogue Management

Store product catalogue with comprehensive hierarchy to cater all kind of product structure with easy process to update related information and price

Product Eligibility  & Price Mapping

Assign product to eligible sales channel & configure price accordingly based on your strategy for each channel

Sales & Stock Report

Submit sales and stock report based on product eligibility on SKU management database with flexible adjustments based on field condition

Custom Dashboard Visualization

Monitor sales performance and stock level in real-time basis through custom dashboard visualization based on requirements from aggregate to granular level data 

KPI Integration with Payroll

Less manual works significantly by calculating incentives or deductions based on employee KPI performance and integrated with payroll calculation

Comprehensive yet flexible

Scattered and time-consuming

Use Case

Trusted clients

We have worked with various businesses in Indonesia

Trusted clients

We have worked with various businesses in Indonesia

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