Payroll Management

Configurable payroll calculation method with granular approach to handle all kind of use cases in your company. This feature also covering BPJS and tax calculation with capability to add or deduct payroll amount with custom formulas and disbursing it to employee directly through one single platform

Why using our Payroll Management?

Here are some reasons to convince you


Calculate payroll automatically based on configuration which covering basic, allowance, BPJS, tax, and additional components



Add or deduct payroll component using custom formula to fully deprecate manual calculation processes


All-in-one platform

From configuration, calculation, disbursement, to payslip distribution process can be handled in one platform


Payroll Configuration

Configure calculation approach of employee basic salary, allowances, overtime rate, BPJS TK & Kesehatan, and tax calculation with multiple options of payment cycle period and attendance cut-off date

Additional Salary Calculation

Determine schedule or shift with additional allowance to your employee, such as working on day-off, national holiday, night shift, or long shift seamlessly using additional salary capability

Custom Component Calculation

Add your company-specific calculation formulas to employee payroll as additional component, such as monthly sales incentive, late attendance deduction, or any other benefit related to payroll calculation

Automatic BPJS and Tax Calculation (PPh 21)

Implement your company calculation policy on BPJS TK and Kesehatan along with PPh 21 with comprehensive configuration on the platform

Payroll Disbursement

Seamlessly transfer final payroll amount directly to any employee bank or e-wallet account at once through using payroll disbursement capability

Payslip Distribution

Automatically generate and distribute payslip with detailed payroll components to employee mobile application or email after disbursement process without manual processes

Automated and flexible

Hassle with higher error rate

Use Case

Trusted clients

We have worked with various businesses in Indonesia

Trusted clients

We have worked with various businesses in Indonesia

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