Employee Self-Service

Equip your employees with Staffinc Work, a powerful mobile application, from accessing and changing their data, reporting their daily attendance, requesting overtime and leave, to reporting their activities through assigned digital forms, all-in-one platform

Why using Staffinc Work?

Here are some reasons to convince you


Built to handle any field conditions without holding back employee productivity



Easy-to-use app to streamline communication process between employer and employee



Attendance history, employee request, payslip, and any other records can be accessed anytime through the app


Check-In & Check-Out

Submit attendance report in accordance with predefined configuration, such as shift schedule, geofencing, and face validation, recorded in real-time basis

Overtime Request

Submit overtime request with supporting documents such as images and letters through our platform

Leave Request

Submit leave request based on assigned leave policy and balance with supporting document

Reimbursement Request

Submit reimbursement request with supporting documents digitally to be validated by employee supervisor before proceeding to payment process

Unstandardized Request

Adapt to field condition by enabling employee to request to add or change working schedule or location with supporting document and further validation from supervisor

Attendance Dispute

Request to change attendance final status to supervisor through mobile app as part of real-time attendance reconciliation process

Employee Data & Payslip

Access and change some of employee data points and view detailed payslip records with capability download as PDF

Adaptive and intuitive

Hassle and time-consuming

Use Case

Trusted clients

We have worked with various businesses in Indonesia

Trusted clients

We have worked with various businesses in Indonesia

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