Attendance Management

Setup granular attendance configuration and policy for each role or position with advanced validation system, leave management, and monitor employee attendance performance in real-time basis 

Why using our Attendance Management?

Here are some reasons to convince you


Configurable attendance policy from company to employee level


Real-time data

Monitor employee attendance status in real-time basis through attendance recapitulation page



Equipped with 2 automatic validation systems, geofencing and face validation to prevent any kind of fraudulent activities


Attendance Configuration

Setup granular attendance configuration for each position, role, and location based on company policies 

Automatic Validation

Prevent any fraudulent attendance activities by enabling automatic location and face validation to relevant employee working groups

Leave Management

Create and assign company general and custom leave policies to eligible employees including terms and conditions related to its validity period and balance calculation process

Attendance Recapitulation

Regularly monitor and act towards employee attendance status through attendance recap page  and validate employee request on pending approval page

Enabling companies to conduct attendance reconciliation process gradually in real-time basis

Centralized and reliable

Hard to avoid data discrepancies

Use Case

Trusted clients

We have worked with various businesses in Indonesia

Trusted clients

We have worked with various businesses in Indonesia

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